I like drawing.
I like blood too
and chickens
My other blog with bird art
you should do more gravity falls art

I’m glad you enjoy my art! I haven’t drawn more than a simple scribble a day lately, i have to get back to working more on my art, then who knows,  I’m enjoying the new season a lot! I sure want to get to make some fanarts of it!

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Three of the five commissions in the batch I have right now (they’re still not open again - not until all five are complete)

The first is Aracema’s werehyena character Adannaya, then Liam’s bellymouth dude Wilder, and finally ohapparition’s characters Markus and Sara.  Thanks for commissioning me, guys! 

I love it so much, I can’t thank you and my siblings enough!

Inked+shaded+simple background: 

$20, +$10 for additional character

For paintings and additional details contact me!

****For personal use only! If for commercial, contact me for prices

***Payment via PAYPAL beforehand

***The picture is sent digitally (jpg)

Thank you!